Marriage in the Bible!
Or  why are so many Christians divorced?

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Welcome to Marriage in the Bible!
This site is dedicated to the truth about marriage.
Sometimes the truth hurts so if you are looking to avoid pain, then please don't read any further.

If however you are already in a painful relationship and are looking for concrete answers to get you through it and out the other side, read on and we hope you will find some keys to work with here.

We began this site to counter the apparent demise of marriage especially in the church. Christians claim to have the answers to life or at least to know who the answer is, but the divorce rate in the church is currently the same as for those outside the church(@52%) proving either that the answers are not in the bible, or that we are not reading it correctly. Stats also show that "Spirit filled" Christians are more likely to divorce than those who suposedly don't have the power they need to push thru.

We beleive that many pastors and teachers of the bible have in recent years inadvertantly been teaching about marriage from a secular feminist viewpoint that pervades society and have watered down the truths that can set us free.

Another effect has been the divorce of Judaism from the Christian teachings, a kind of attitude where people naturally assume that the Jews killed Jesus and he had nothing good to say about his teachers so they must all be wrong.
They forget that he said he had not come to destroy the law but to fullfill it.
The basis of marital understanding was set up thousands of years ago and many good teachers in the Jewish faith had a good understanding of it and centuries of practrical experience to draw on. We will therefore cross reference biblical scripture with practical insights from Jewish culture.

Thirdly, we now have extensive medical knowledge at our disposal to cross reference with the instructions that have stood the test of time, for at least 2 thousand years or more.

So we have studied these things and added to that, personal experience. We hope it will be as enlightening for you as it has been for us.

Remember also that this is a living document and will be updated and revised from time to time.

Contents include
 Page 2     1. The beginning; a view of the first marriage and .
                   2. the foundation; what it means to us today.
 Page 3:   3.  Sex; what does the bible really teach us about what is good and what isn't
                   4. Children and family; what do we learn about family issues.
Page 4.    5. The pattern we should be following
                   6. The Power; "I can't do this"
                   7.  Scripture references and bibliography

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